• Consolidate all your warranty claims on one platform, one login, no hassle.
  • Eliminate the hassle with a streamline process
  • Get technicians input from the start
  • Get the causal parts and machine codes information without swearing
  • Give your customers an easy way to file claims
  • Get more work done without growing headcount
Be the company hero with happy customers and better management of warranty dollars. Get started by downloading our helpful warranty checklist.

For Manufacturers with Dealer based systems

For Start-ups Needing to get it done right

For Organizations looking for a better way

Shop Owners

You're busy running your business. Warranty management is only one of your tasks. Save time and money with Gallium.

  • Organize your records to make sure no dollars are missed
  • Catch the mistakes that cost time and money like missing RMAs
  • Audit the claim to help you get your due


Fleet Managers

Managing a construction fleet or municipal watershed is demanding. Every dollar counts. Recover money with Gallium.

  • Stop shorting of claims because of missing service history
  • Hub multi-brands and multi-manufacturers in one place
  • Highlight the important items to help you get your due



Too many work order segments, too little time. Gallium Six will help better manage the warranty 30-60 day submission cycle.

  • Hub multi-brands and multi-manufacturers in one place
  • Drive revenues by spotting serviceable issues earlier
  • Audit WIP claims and all attachments in one place



Streamline Warranty Management and make happier customers by automating incoming claims with Gallium Six.

  • Audit claims for mistakes prior to submission
  • Collect required service history for maximum parts recovery
  • Deliver a branded personalized experience for each user





  • Use Gallium to make warranty claims faster and easier
  • Use Gallium to increase your recovery rate
  • Use Gallium to give you that extra confidence you haven't missed something
  • Use Gallium to help organize your time to increase efficiency
  • Use Gallium to solve the hard problems preventing you from getting your due.

Gallium technology has helped return millions of dollars. We can do the same for you. Use our knowledge and know how to get your due. Below is just a small list of over 13,000 OEMs, distributors, and extended warranty/insurance companies, we can assist you with improving your claims process.

         GEDORE Werkzeugfbrik Otto Dowidat KG          Wyle Servces Corp.          Elecon Engineering Company Limited (BSE:505700)          Huber & Suhner AG (SWX:HUBN)          Eurova Grands Projets Et Industries          Nippon feld Engineering Co.,Ltd.          PowerSecure International, Inc. (NYSE:POWR)          fjitsu Devces Singapore Pte. Ltd.          Maschinenfbrik Kba-M?dling Aktiengesellschaf          Societe De Negoce De Normandie          Kvn, Ooo          Klbygg          Uteco Convrting SpA          Alf Lavl SAS          Raznotreid, Ooo          fgime Italia Spa          Urban Redevlopment Authority          McNaughton-McKay Electric Company, Inc.          Toshiba Transmission and Distribution Systems Brazil Ltd.          Ausenco Servces Pty. Ltd.          vSCAS Corporation          Bauexpert Spa          Nissan frklif Co., Ltd.          Stroi Panteon, Ooo          Anchor Electricals Pv. Ltd.          Kyung Dong Construction Co. Ltd.          Carrier Transicold Industries S.A.          Termosanitari Corradini Spa          Megabiznes, Ooo          Profltubi Spa          Willmott Dixon Construction Limited          Manho Rope & Wire Co., Ltd. (KOSE:A001080)          Willemen General Contractor NV          Tts Sokolniki, Ooo          Liebherr-Werk Telf GmbH          Itochu Machine-Technos Corporation          s.a. Les Entreprises Louis De Waele n.v          Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd.          Tekhnostart, Ooo          Eidai Co., Ltd. (TSE:7822)          Nippon Trex CO., Ltd.          ERNE AG Bauunternehmung          J.Kumar Infaprojects Limited (BSE:532940)          MAN Diesel & Turbo fance SAS          Royal Boon Edam International B.v          AGCO SA          Acn 000 195 951 Pty Ltd          Endo Lighting Corp. (TSE:6932)          Eens, Oao          DAIHEN Corporation (TSE:6622)          Evbus Iberica S.A.          ABB AS (Estonia)          Possehl Sicherheitstechnik Gmbh          Romeks-Kuban, Ooo          Urmet Spa          L&t Construction Equipment Limited          SKODA TRANSPORTATION a.s.          Hewitt Equipment Limited          Weisenburger Bau Gmbh          Limited Liability Company 'rolfCarline'          Carey Group PLC          Conduto Cia. Nacional De Dutos.          Sembawang Shipyard Pte Ltd          Holland Company, LP          MAN Bus Sp. z o.o.          Tserera, Ooo          Nordex SE (XTRA:NDX1)          Glen Turner Co Ltd          Toyo Kanetsu Solutions K.K.          WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE:WBC)          Nefekhimgaz, Ooo Tk          MAN vicoli Industriali SpA          Autopista Del Atlantico Concesionaria Espaiola, S.a.          Schott Solar Wafr Gmbh          JINSUNG T.E.C., Inc. (KOSDAQ:A036890)          Limited Liability Company 'gmac Cis'          Td System, K.K.          Shinyei Telecommunications Corporation          Manuli Hydraulics Polska S.A.          Downer EDI Engineering Electrical Pty. Ltd.          Sablepike Pty Ltd          Rosinzhiniring Stroitelstv, Ooo          Seiwa Electric Mf. Co.,Ltd. (TSE:6748)          Tekhnostart, Ooo          Rsi Transportation As          Lv inc.          Otis Servzi Srl          Era Infa Engineering Limited (BSE:530323)          Umdasch Shopftting Gmbh          Novntec Energie AG          fjikura Ltd. (TSE:5803)          Eecol Electric CORP.          Mitsubishi Heav Industries fod & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.          Park-Tec Engineering Pty Ltd          607 Unr, Zao          Avntazh Treid, Ooo          vNCI Construction Grands Projets SAS          Plumbers Supplies Co-Operativ Limited          Ohms Co., Ltd.          United Engineers Limited (SGX:U04)          Hammelmann Maschinenfbrik GmbH
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